What Makes Coosa Composites Bluewater Panels the Premier Option

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coosa composites bluewater panels

Coosa Composites has established ourselves as a leader in the composite panel sphere. Our products, once a single-industry problem-solver, grew to demonstrate incredible value in a variety of industries. 

Thanks to decades of hard work, innovation, and a commitment to high-quality customer experiences, we have continued to grow to new heights. One product that has been integral to our success is our enhanced stiffness Bluewater panel. Read on to see how this product staple continues to work wonders for industry partners. 

Coosa Composites Bluewater Panels: Stiffness Translated to Strength

A capstone feature of our Bluewater panels is their stiffness and durability in harsh environments, especially when compared to traditional plywood. In a general sense, most people equate stiffness with strength: Bluewater panels address wider spans with the increased benefit of less flex. This product was one of Coosa’s first and stands as a testament to time-tested ingenuity. 

Made for structural and non-structural applications, our fiberglass reinforced panels have an impressive track record. They are created with a closed-cell polyurethane foam that is reinforced with tough woven roving fiberglass and continuous strand glass throughout. 

A major downside to plywood is its penchant to deteriorate when introduced to moist or wet conditions. Unlike plywood, Coosa Composites Bluewater panels are not affected and continue to maintain physical properties in these settings. Not only do our Bluewater panels maintain form in more challenging conditions: They are also resilient against biological degradation from fungus or mold. This is in part because our panels are non-absorbent, which is highly valued in even specialized instances. 

Real-World Panel Application

For example, Coosa Composites Bluewater panels have been used as temporary flooring during aircraft construction because of their lightweight and warp-resistant characteristics. They are much lighter to move, don’t produce sawdust that can degrade sensitive electronics, and stand up to areas with high heat and humidity. 

The panels have also been used by major ceramic manufacturers to build toilets, showers, and like fixtures for similar reasons: The panels’ warp-resistant features proved beneficial and even essential.  Coosa’s Bluewater panels maintain their structural integrity as mold forms, and support structures throughout the manufacturing and glazing process when wooden molds would warp or be rendered useless.

With all this talk of enhanced stiffness, one might wonder if weight would emerge as a trade-off. However, this is not the case. Our Bluewater panels are significantly lighter than plywood panels—approximately 30–45% lighter—which translates into high-value energy-savings. Furthermore, our products are used as plywood replacement in areas where plywood rots or loses integrity. In fact, this is the reason why many boat transoms feature Bluewater panels. They remain structurally sound—without flexing, warping, or rotting. They are an ideal solution for any application where a part or component cannot afford to deteriorate or rot. 

A Closer Look: Our Bluewater Panel Variants

Our Bluewater panels are available in two densities: 20 pounds per cubic foot and 26 pounds per cubic foot (also known as Bluewater 20 and Bluewater 26). 

As for size specifications, the dimensions range from 4×8’ all the way up to 5×12’—with thicknesses starting at 1/4” and going up to 2” in some size configurations.

Bluewater 26 panels are an ideal structural component and offer stiffness that’s unmatched. However, if you’re after something a little lighter, our Bluewater 20 panel is almost 45% lighter than traditional plywood. 

An American Manufacturer

Coosa Composites’ Bluewater panels are U.S. made and manufactured, and we offer quality and customer service guaranteed. Plus, Coosa Composites distributes our panels and products internationally. 

OEMs and distributors in a variety of sectors value our Bluewater panels for their many industry-necessary properties. This allows these partners to significantly reduce warranty claims which reduces their risk while providing a better experience for the end user. 

If you would like to know more about our proven Bluewater panels, reach out to us and experience the Coosa Composites advantage for yourself