Custom Order Fire Rated Panels


There are certain applications requiring specific precautionary measures to insure safety standards and regulations are met – especially when it comes to fire safety. While our standard composite panels meet the FMVSS 302 fire standard for motor vehicles, Coosa doesn’t stop there. We took fire safety to the next level with the development of composite panels meeting the more rigorous ASTM E84 regulation, which requires a much higher standard for flame spread and smoke generation. Coosa’s custom-order panels meeting this standard are a truly unique offering to markets needing this extra level of protection. If you are looking for a high-density, fiberglass-reinforced polyurethane foam panel meeting ASTM E84 standards, then our Fire Rated panel is what you need.

  • Tested and approved to ASTM E-84, Class A (1) as to flame spread and smoke generation
  • Certified and available for custom order in our Bluewater and Nautical series
  • Provides a higher level of comfort when fire protection or safety is needed
  • Custom manufactured panel with minimum quantity requirements per order

ASTM E84, Class 1 (A) approved

Available in our Bluewater or Nautical series of panels

COOSA ASTM E84 Test Results

PanelDensity Material NominalTestFlame Spread IndexCoosa Test Results Flame SpreadSmoke Developed IndexCoosa Test Results Smoke Developed
Bluewater 2020 lbs/cu ftASTM E84-17A≤2515≤450450
Bluewater 2626 lbs/cu ftASTM E84-17A≤2510≤450400
Nautical 1515 lbs/cu ftASTM E84-17A≤2515≤450400
Nautical 2424 lbs/cu ftASTM E84-17A≤2510≤450450
A traditional plywood subfloor will spread flames considerably further than our Coosa ASTM E-84 approved panels in the same amount of time.
*Numbers based on revised test results (#TT-010C 7/20) from APA versus Coosa test results.