Coosa Panels Can Give You the RV of Your Dreams

composite board

Over the last several years, RV usage has changed dramatically. While RVs used to be reserved for summer family camping trips, now they’ve become a staple in many people’s lifestyles. Longer, more frequent trips are now the norm, and many people are giving up on excessive space and opting for the adventurous RV lifestyle

This shift has increased the demand for lighter weight vehicles with better fuel mileage. People need more dependable RVs that don’t require as much maintenance as the traditional models. That’s where Coosa Composites comes in. 

Use Coosa for a Stronger, Lighter RV

Coosa composite panels can be used for sub-floors, bathrooms, walls, roofs, ceilings, cabinets, bulkheads, luggage compartments, storage areas, and more! They’re extremely versatile, lightweight, and long-lasting. In addition to having a wide variety of applications, Coosa panels are easy to customize—they can be covered with ceramic tile, laminate, carpeting, wood, rubber non-skid, and more to achieve the design look you want. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Coosa panels will never rot or mold. They don’t absorb water—unlike laminated panels, which invite moisture in the minute a screw is installed. 

Extreme Durability

Our panels are extremely durable, and puncture resistant. They’re made with high-density polyurethane foam, and reinforced with fiberglass layers for a tough, lightweight panel. 


Coosa composite panels are half the weight and twice the insulation of alternative plywood floors. They also serve as a structural core and water barrier all in one—making them the perfect replacement for wood. You can save weight without sacrificing strength. 

Coosa Composite Options

Coosa panels are at the core of the strongest, lightest RVs available right now. We offer two different series and a range of sizes and thicknesses to suit your needs. The thickness of our panels ranges from ¼” to 2” thick. 

Our Bluewater Panels are mainly used for flooring, and are the strongest, stiffest panel, we offer. There are structural panels designed for applications that demand toughness. They’re available in densities 26# and 20#. 

Our Nautical Panels are mainly used for walls, bulkheads, and light structural applications. They’re available in densities 15#, 20#, and 24#. 

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