Who We Are & What We Do at Coosa Composites

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At Coosa Composites, we have helped OEMs and distributors grow and reach new levels of success once unexpected. How? Because of our proven Coosa Composite panels, which translate to better built, superior products for our customers. 

We have a long history of providing our customers with high-quality, structural panel solutions. Since 1999—thanks to our strong commitment to quality, innovation, and our customers—Coosa’s products are used across a multitude of industries worldwide. Continue reading to learn the story behind Coosa Composites and our products.

Coosa Composites: The Beginning

Our story began 22 years ago—during the days when boats were mostly made of plywood, leaving them at significant risk for rotting and degeneration over time. Realizing the need for a non-rotting alternative to plywood, Coosa Composites developed a superior quality, high-strength composite panel. This would be an alternative to marine plywood in boat construction. 

Very quickly, major boat builders—and soon much of the marine industry—realized the value in utilizing Coosa’s panels to replace plywood in their boats. Our panels effectively eliminated all rot and warranty issues associated with wood—and the all-composite boat revolution took off. Now, Coosa is the world’s largest supplier of high-strength composite panels to the marine industry—with 250,000+ currently in-use boats containing our products.

As it happens, it didn’t take long for others in the construction and transportation industries to realize the untapped potential of our products. Our durable, long-lasting composite panels proved to be suitable for a vast array of applications. After all, our panels’ ability to lower weight, increase longevity, and eliminate rot and other wood-related issues was too advantageous to pass up.

What Makes Us Different? Our Products

When it comes to core panels, there are manufacturers who specialize in honeycomb, unreinforced plastics, foams, and wood—and then there’s Coosa Composites. The no-rot and lightweight advantages of high-density, closed-cell, polyurethane foam—combined with the structural properties of fiberglass—make Coosa panels an excellent substitute for wood and other traditional core materials. Another advantage? Coosa panels are relatively easy to cut through, which makes them dynamic—rather than static—products. 

Additionally, our panels can withstand even the harshest conditions—and have been stress-tested rigorously through 22 years of real-world applications around the globe. Our products’ three greatest advantages include being non-absorbent, lightweight, and strong. This beneficial trifecta makes Coosa Composite panels desirable to OEMs and distributors in the marine, transportation, and construction industries. 

A Breakdown of Our Products

We offer two main types of fiberglass reinforced composite panels: Bluewater Panels, which offer enhanced stiffness, and Nautical Panels, which are more lightweight. These panels come in multiple densities and sizes, and are approved for both structural and non-structural applications. 

Despite their marine-based names, our panels have provided incredible value in construction, transportation, and of course, the marine industry. That’s because of their unique ability to not warp or rot in high-humidity or otherwise wet environments. This can be highly beneficial, if not essential, in a number of unique settings. We also provide custom fire-rated panels for specialized industrial and building applications.

If you’re an OEM or distributor who wants to know more about how our panels can help you produce a superior product, contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you. Plus, take a closer look at our product benefits, application variety, and more on our blog!