composite marine board

Waterproof Composite Board for Long-Lasting Outdoor Projects

When it comes to outdoor projects, selecting the right materials is crucial. Whether you're constructing a deck, dock, or marine structure, you need materials that ...
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Coosa Board

Innovations on the Move: Coosa’s Bluewater Panels for Transportation

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in transportation materials! Coosa Composites proudly introduces our cutting-edge Bluewater 32# Density Coosa Panels, redefining standards for durability and ...
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Sailing with Strength: Coosa Marine Board for Marine Construction

Embark on a journey of marine construction excellence with Coosa Composites' cutting-edge Marine Board. Engineered to withstand the challenges of the open water, our innovative ...
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25th Anniversary Kickoff Statement

As we begin a new year, I am excited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Coosa Composites!  To honor this achievement, our team has put ...
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coosa board

Coosa Board vs. Plywood: Why ‘No Rot’ Isn’t the Only Cost-Benefit Consideration

Many immediately think of ‘no rot’ when comparing Coosa reinforced foam panels to traditional plywood. However, Coosa board is a stand-out product against plywood for ...
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coosa composites

Coosa Composites FAQ: What We’re Asked Most About Our Panels

When you deal with composites on a daily basis, that knowledge can seem commonplace. But that’s often not the case—even for partners who have used ...
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