As architects design more innovative structures to meet the demands of the market, lightweight alternatives for traditional materials are growing in popularity. Coosa’s composite panels are able to meet the most demanding design and durability requirements in the construction industry. From high-density, high-strength panels to lighter low-density panels, all Coosa panels are subject to the same rigorous requirements to meet water resistance, dimensional stability, no-rot, and no-infestation objectives. Special order panels to meet ASTM E-84 fire safety regs are also available.

Why Composite Panels

As the commercial and residential construction industry evolves and drives market growth, so does the industry’s need to innovate. Specifically, when it comes to infrastructure applications, the industry needs lightweight panel materials that are easy to work with to be able to innovatively and effectively meet project standards.

Because of their lightweight, anti-rot, corrosion resistance, and high insulation properties, fiber reinforced panels made by Coosa are a superior option, especially when compared to materials like plywood.

A major benefit of composites setting them above other plywood alternatives is how easy it is to mount them to a building’s substructure. This greatly improves construction timelines, which in turn saves money on hourly labor costs. Any additional cost spent on the composite panel products themselves is easily offset by savings on the back-end due to the more durable lifespan of composites compared to wood. This allows for the development of impressive and innovative structures with composite panel features and providing you a building panel that meets your design and budget needs by supplying uncut full-sized composite panels, and/or pre-cut panels for all applications, including:

Customizable to meet design and structural needs

Our panels are versatile, meaning that if you can imagine the application, we can make it happen. The panels also take most coatings, textures, and coverings easily.

Enhanced Safety

Our Fire-rated panel series properties make them exceptionally attractive where flame and smoke spread mitigation are needed or required. They reduce flame spread and smoke generation far better than traditional building materials like plywood.

Easy Change-out, Repair or Refreshment of Facade

Because of their lighter weight, Coosa panels can be easily removed for refreshing exterior facades or to address repair damage.

Lower Cost of Installation

Labor is a huge cost component in building any project.Because Coosa’s product line is lightweight, lifting and installing our panels as opposed to traditional wall cladding is much less labor intensive.And, larger structures of greater length can be created and installed at lower cost and more efficiently.

More Environmentally Friendly

Not only do Coosa’s panels require less energy during production, they also leave a diminished ecological and carbon footprint.And, Coosa panels contain no formaldehyde.

Composite Panel Applications

Interior Walls

  • High strength

  • Low cost

  • Water resistant

  • Lightweight for architectural creativity

Canopy & Sun Shade Panels

  • Moisture resistant

  • High strength to weight ratio

  • Can be coated or painted for color match

Counter Tops

  • High strength

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Easily painted & accepts coverings

Trade Show Displays

  • Reduced transportation costs

  • Durable/Impact Resistant

  • Easily covered and coated

  • Lightweight

Additional Applications

  • Ice Skating arena floor covering facilitating multi-use options

  • Cladding panels for exterior walls

  • Static water pressure barrier

  • Cellular tower architectural structures

  • Building facades

  • Bathroom and shower backing

  • Museum dioramas

  • Hunting blinds and camo structures that remain outdoors year-round

  • Artificial stone and brick cores

  • Wall panels near irrigation sources

  • Walls and flooring in other high moisture areas

  • Amusement park rides and facades

  • Architectural feature designs

The architectural applications of our two lines of composite panels are truly endless. These materials allow architects and builders to achieve designs and structures that would otherwise be impossible or extremely costly with traditional materials. Coosa panels’ resistance to the harshest conditions allows them to reduce costly maintenance and replacement.


Coosa will supply standard panel configurations or assist you in working with one of our customers to provide or apply coatings, or to provide finished panel structures with the laminates to meet your specifications.We also have partners who can provide custom cutting of our panels for customers requesting custom parts.