Composite Materials for The Commercial Transportation Industry


Coosa Composites is a transportation panel specialist. The commercial bus and truck industry is under increasing pressure to reduce vehicle weight, to improve vehicle fuel efficiency, to limit down time for repairs, and reduce their carbon footprint. Our panels address all of these needs. Coosa Composites’ panels are manufactured solely in the USA using 100% USA sourced materials and fully comply to the Buy America certification requirements.

Our high-density, closed-cell, polyurethane foam panels reinforced with layers of fiberglass are designed to meet critical in-use requirements for structural integrity, resistance to water absorption, rot, and mold.  The benefits of Coosa provide the performance standards demanded by the public transportation industry, over the road coaches, RVs, vans, emergency and utility vehicles, and the truck, trailer construction industries. Coosa panels are used for floors, walls, ceilings, doors, bulkheads, seating, tables, desks, counters, and specialty cabinetry/storage.

Because of their superior properties when compared to traditional sandwich core panels, Coosa Composites’ products can reduce weight, lower maintenance, limit downstream warranty claims, mitigate downtime repairs, diminish fuel consumption, reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles, and, with our fire-rated panel, enhance the safety of passengers by improving the fire safety of the vehicle and potentially elongating the time available for evacuation in the event of a fire emergency.  This is especially important to LNG or electric vehicle manufacturers.

Composite Materials for Vehicles

  • Semi-trailers
  • Straight truck boxes
  • Emergency vehicles such as ambulance/EMT/fire trucks
  • Vehicle roofs
  • Doors
  • Transit bus subfloors
  • Railcar linings, especially refer cars
  • Interiors
  • Luggage racks
  • Baggage floors
  • Passenger floors
  • Trailer sidewalls and floors
  • Drop-down trail floors
  • Coach restroom walls

Transportation applications for Coosa Composites panels include those requiring long-term performance against moisture and rot, cost reduction, weight savings, and energy efficiency, and, also, those that require cleanliness, sanitation, chemical resistance, and reduced repairs caused by water damage from frequent wash-down.

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The application and material combinations are endless. Our sales staff will work with you to choose the best composite panel and installation system to meet your requirements.

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