A Quick Guide to Coosa Composites’ Value, Benefits, & Applications

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coosa composites

What Are Coosa Composite Panels?

Coosa Composite panels are readily available composites that can be substituted for less-durable plywood and other industry options in a variety of applications. The panels are made out of high-density, closed-cell polyurethane foam reinforced with layers of fiberglass for extra strength and stiffness. These panels are highly robust and versatile, providing lasting solutions for you. 

What Are Their Benefits?

Composite panels are becoming the first choice for many projects as they offer a number of benefits, such as:

Durability leading to longer lifespan. Coosa Composites’ panels are long-lasting. Their resistance to wet and otherwise deteriorating conditions allows for easy-to-maintain use and longer lifespan, which lowers the risk of warranty claims for our OEM customers, and creates an overall better customer experience.  

Lightweight characteristics. The panels are considerably lighter than traditional marine plywood, making these the first choice for many projects that require lightweight materials. Reducing weight in applications often leads to gains in performance without having to sacrifice strength or structural integrity.

Cost-effective price point. As composite panels rarely need specialist maintenance, ongoing or long-term costs in managing your panels are greatly reduced. The robust environmental resistance—providing protection against mold, algae, fungus, or general rot—cuts costs over time. Conversely, timber-based projects will need treatment, care, and replacement to ensure they stay in good, weather-resistant condition. 

Easy implementation. The versatile nature of composite paneling means that they are easy to use and handle; you likely won’t need specialized equipment to cut or shape our panels for your specific need. 

Valuable non-absorbent features. Coosa panels are non-absorbent, making them an excellent choice for projects exposed to water. The benefits in a marine environment are obvious, but this also applies to RVs and enclosed trailer manufacturers to protect against the elements. Construction projects of all stripes that use building materials facing moist or otherwise wet conditions are also excellent applications. 

Where Can Coosa Composites Be Used?

Coosa’s composite panels are highly versatile. From flooring to walling, there is a composite panel suited to all kinds of applications. For instance, the construction opportunities are numerous in potential. Here are some of the most common installations that benefit from our panels:

General construction. The lightweight durability of composite panels lends itself to long-lasting and cost-effective general construction. In fact, our durable panels can be used in subflooring, walls, doors, and even exterior cladding. Our OEM customers use Coosa board as a core material, and apply various finishes to our panel to achieve a finished appearance.

Buses & RVs. Lightweight panels can improve the functionality of your bus or RV. Many bus and RV manufacturers are switching to lighter-weight products, like composite panels, to create a number of fittings and fixtures within the vehicles—from sub-flooring to slide-outs—to reduce weight, while maintaining strength and maintaining long-lasting durability. The panels offer defense against wear and tear and everyday use better than other options. 

Marine. Composite panels offer unique benefits to the marine and boating industry, which is why we’ve been an industry leader for so long. While our panels are best known for their application in transoms, decking, stringers, and bulkheads are all prime candidates for composite panels due to their excellent strength properties and durability in wet environments. 

Are Coosa Composite Panels Suited to My Needs?

Coosa’s composite panels are well-designed investments catered to your unique needs. Whether you need a stiffer panel or something with more flexibility, there are panels that match your requirements. Need advice on which panels will best serve your needs or project? Contact us to learn about our Bluewater and Nautical boards to determine which option is best for your application.