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Where to Buy Coosa Composites

Coosa Composites sells panels in multiple pallet-load quantities and large volume custom-cut parts on a direct basis to qualified OEM manufacturers.

Retail and smaller-quantity customers should contact one of the following Distributors for information, pricing and availability. If you have trouble locating a Distributor near you, Coosa can provide assistance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Stocking Distributors:

www.Compositesone.com [nationwide branches]

www.Hamiltonmarine.com [New England and shipments to US and Canada]

www.merrittsupply.com [Florida]

www.Advanced-plastics.com [Southeast]

www.boatoutfitters.com [US shipments]

www.Revchem.com [California and western states]

www.Totalplastics.com [Midwest]

www.fisheriessupply.com [Seattle]

www.teakisle.com [Florida and small qty. custom cut part shipments]

www.Easternburlap.com [mid Atlantic]

www.Donovanmarine.com [mid Atlantic]

www.mesconet.com [mid Atlantic]


www.Stright-mackay.com [eastern Canada]

www.vonderlinden.de [Europe]

www.Atlcomposites.com.au [Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia]

www.ncsresins.com [South Africa]

www.yamaja.com [Caribbean]

www.kirkmarine.ky [Caribbean]